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What's PukiWiki? anchor.png

Anyone can edit all of the pages*1 in the PukiWiki. You move to the page you want to edit, and click "[ Edit ]" at the top of the page. Then you can see a textfield, in which you can edit the descriptions of page. The edited content are formed by the FormattingRules.

You can edit the page ForPracticeEditar in any way as a rule. So we advise you to try and edit a page!

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How to make a new page anchor.png

If you write WikiName that includes two capitalized letters and BracketName enclosing [[]], the mark ? appears at the tail of the written text strings. If you click the mark, the new page and the editable textfield are created, and you can modify the page the same way you usually edit a page.

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What's the string attached to Links, such as "(3m)"? anchor.png

The string (3m) shows that the page was updated about 3 minites ago , (5h) means about 5 hours, and (8d) means about 8 days.

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Is this different from a BBS? anchor.png

Yes, a little. If you modify a page, the page cannot show who was the modifier. So you can write your name near your changes. -- Developer TeamEditar ... like this.

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Can someone remove all the descriptions in a page? anchor.png

Yes! In WikiCloneEditar, such as PukiWiki, anyone can dirty, remove, and even ruin pages. PukiWiki, however, can do periodical backups, so the bad attacks will be ineffective. It is possible to recover the attacked pages easily.

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Could the browser cache and proxy cancel my modifications? anchor.png

If another person is editing the page you are editing, what happens? It's OK. PukiWiki checks the differences between the changes on the original page and your modifications, by comparing the date of the updated original page with the date of your updated page.

In the case of conflict, you should reload the page you have edited and try to edit it again.

*1 except for pages frozen by the administrators

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